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Types of Slot Machines and Slots Software

Different types of the slots machines: multipliers, slot machines with wild symbols, multi-liners and buy-your-pay machines.

Slots Types

Slots are one of the most popular casino games in the world. This game continues to earn the majority of casinos' revenue every year, both online and land based. Simple slot machines have been replaced by the complex one. During many years a great variety of different types of this game were created by slot makers. The following slot machines types are available online. But if one wants to play slots on the internet it would be better to download slots software.


This type of slot machines is for multiple-coin bets (from 1 coin to 5 or even more). The size of the winning is equal to the size of the bet. If the player has double coin bet, it automatically doubles the winning, triple bet triples and so on. The exception is a jackpot which is the highest combination of a maximum bet. A jackpot can be 800 coins for one coin, and if one gets 2000 if he/she hits it with 2 coins. Nowadays there are no single coins machines.

Wild Symbol

Wild symbol is a symbol which can substitute any other symbol in Slot machine. For example, if one has 2 reels with 2 bars and a third one with a wild symbol it will be the winning combination. Wild symbol can be of different shapes such as, diamonds or ellipses. Wild symbol makes the game more interesting and exciting. That is why wild symbols slot machines are extremely popular.


These Slot machines have few payoff lines, not a traditional one. Usually there are 3 of them. But also you can find machines which have two additional diagonal lines. To activate those lines one should insert a certain amount of coins into the machine. For example, 3 lines - 3 coins, etc.


The machine of this type has only one payoff line. Buy-your-pay machines are multiple coin and for different size bets they have different winning combinations. It is impossible to hit a jackpot playing with one coin bet. One should play maximum bets to win some big combination.

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