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The History of Offline and Online Slots

The history of development of slot machines: Fey's slots, first casino slots, Computer and online slots and how do slots work?

Slots Symbols

There is a great variety of Slots symbols. Some of them are just a part of the game, some have special meanings. Not all players know all of them. This article is about the most prevailing Slots symbols. Read this information and you will know a couple of Slot machine tricks which will help you to win.

Wild Symbols

These Slot machines symbols are considered to be very popular among Slots online players mainly because they are usually pay out big cash prizes. The Wild Symbol can replace any other symbol during the game. For, example, if one has 2 bars and one Wild symbol it will be the winning combination of 3 bars. So, Wild symbols improve the game greatly.

Scatter Symbols

These symbols usually don't arise on a pay line for showing the result; Wild symbols can't replace them.

Scatter Symbols usually pay out when 3+ appear on the display. The payout of the Scatter Symbol increases each time when another Scatter Symbol is added.

In most Slots these symbols trigger bonus game with the help of which the player can get some other opportunities for winning. But one should read carefully all the rules of the game he/she is playing, because the games and their rules can be different.

Bonus games can be of two types:

  • The game which is on the second screen - a player picks some certain object of the game.
  • The game with bonus rounds and free spins

The example of such games is Divin' for Pearls (Wizard Gambling) online Slot game. This game features both these games which are activated by Scatter Symbols.

All necessary information is available for all players on Slots payout tables.

Bonus Symbols

Probably the most well-known Slots bonus symbol is the Scatter Symbol. If one gets three Scatter symbols, a bonus game will be activated. It can lead the player to winning extra prizes.

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