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Online Slots Rules, How to Play All Slot Games

Different types of the slot machines online: Multipliers, slot machines with wild symbols, multi-liners and multi-reel online slots, buy-your-pay machines.

Online Slots Rules

The main reason of the popularity of Slots is the simplicity of its rules. One shouldn't have some special skills to play all Slots.

Slots Rules

First you should place your bet. Most slot machines accept from 1 to 5 coins, some of them can accept up to 10. Also, there are several types of slot machines and the value of your coins depends on the type of the machine. Usually one coin costs 5, 25, 50 penny, £1 or £5 (or currency equivalent). There are high bets Slots machines for high rollers.

After this you should just click the button and the wheel will spin. The positions of the wheel will show your winning.

It is very important to read and understand the pay table before starting the game. This pay table lists the names of the winning combinations and the payouts for them. Pay tables can be different for different types of the game. For example, achieving 3 bells on one machine pays out 20 to 1. While achieving the same 3 bells on the other machine will pay out only 3 to 1.

Some Slot machines require players to combine symbols diagonally. Also every online Slot game has a help button with the help of which one can get answer to any question.

Slot Machines Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are those which grow all the time until somebody hit it. Such slot machines are connected into the network and every player makes a contribution to one big jackpot. That is why they are called Progressive. All players must do maximum bets playing on progressive Slots.

Online Slots

Playing online slots, one should deposit his/her funds into a player account and then wager them playing some certain Slot machine. The casino operator determinates the payout percentages of online Slots.

If it is free online Slots, the process is simplified as the machine is preloaded with credits.

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