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Slots Online: Main Types of Online Slot Machines

Different types of the slot machines online: Multipliers, slot machines with wild symbols, multi-liners and multi-reel online slots, buy-your-pay machines.

Online Slots

Slots are very interesting and exciting casino game. Since casino online Slots became available more people can enjoy this game just with the help of a good internet connection. For many gamblers, playing Slots online can be as fun as those in the land based casinos.

It is very important to play responsibly and know the limits for people who play for real money. Maybe most people think it is a cliche, but it is probably the most important factor for those who like to gamble. The game is very exciting and interesting and the opportunity to win big money is very alluring, but one shouldn't forget that Slot game, and any other casino game, is for entertainment, not for investment.

Online Slot Machines Types

Nowadays there is a great variety of Slot machines and games.

Single Line Slots

This one was the first Slot machine and considered to be a standard one. It has 3 reels, bars and fruits symbols and, depending on the type of the game, a progressive jackpot.

Multiline Slots

Playing at these Slot machines one can bet multiple pay lines because more than 3 reels are available. There are Slot games with 9 reels and it gives for about 45 lines. Online Multiline Slots have free spin rounds, scatters, bonus rounds, wild symbols and progressive jackpots as their land based counterparts.

Progressive Slots

Progressive Slot machines work by the principle of a network between casinos. In US based casinos a central system combines all progressive Slot games and that is why progressive slot games can reach million dollar jackpots. When a person plays at progressive Slot machine, a percentage of each bet goes into one huge jackpot.

Bonus Slots

Bonus Slots are the most popular. These Slots feature bonus rounds with wild symbols and scatters. Depending on the Slot game, the bonus Slots award free spins and extra credits.

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