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The History of Offline and Online Slots

The history of development of slot machines: Fey's slots, first casino slots, Computer and online slots and how do slots work?

Slots History

Slots are one of the most playable and famous casino games in the world. Despite of the popularity of this game not all players know the history of development of this game.

Fey's Slots

The history of slots began in America at the end of 19 cent when a mechanic Charles Fey created his first slot machine. This machine had five symbols: hearts, horseshoes, spades, diamonds and famous Liberty Bell. In 1907, Fey started to cooperate with Mills Novelty Company and Slot machines mass production started.

First Casino Slots

The result of Fey's and Mills Novelty Company partnership was the updating of the Slot machines. They changed its clunky iron exterior on a lighter.

During 1930's Bugsy Siegel put Slot machines in his Flamingo in Las Vegas. This made slots machines extremely popular.

How do Slots Work?

In 1963, the first electromechanical Slot machines were introduced. They paid the biggest wins and were more reliable. Later, computer Slot machines appeared. They became very popular because of its incredible graphics and sound effects. Also different bonuses and progressive jackpots were added.

Computer Slots

Computer or Video Slots revolutionized this game. Such additions as multi-line games, dozen or even bets, vertical and diagonal combinations appeared on the game. Bonus Slots featured interactive games and different animations. Progressive jackpots were linked into the network; and it became possible to win huge money.

Online Slots

During the 1990's the first online slots were introduced. This step remains the biggest draw of the Slot machines' industry.

The same as with offline casino Slots, the first versions of Internet Slots were simple in comparison with nowadays games.

Also online Casino Software was developed. Those numerous Software providers offer a great variety of games, bonuses, graphics and effects for their players. All these make the game very interesting and exciting.

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