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Popularity of Offline and Online Slot Tournaments

Land-based and online casinos organize slot tournaments for its loyal customers that are very interesting and exciting.

Slots Tournaments

Las Vegas Slot Tournaments

The recent years have witnessed the popularity of slot games escalating like never before. Amongst all the slot games available Las Vegas slot tournaments are in hug demand due to their exorbitant cash prizes for top 3 winners and the buzzing excitement of these games. You can expect cash prizes of $/€/£25,000, $/€/£10,000 for top 2 winners and a cash prize of $5,000 for the third winner.

The slot club holders are duly informed by their respective casinos about all upcoming tournaments. During the time of tournaments the casinos also offer 2-3 night accommodation and meals at discounted rates. You can expect the cost to be somewhere between $/€/£199-$/€/£399 for the say and meals. The players that hold a "VIP" card the casinos also organize invitational tournaments that can be attended free of cost. The event generally lasts 3 days and is sponsored by the casino.

Understanding slot tournaments statistics

You must be wondering why would a casino be so benevolent, but the fact is quite different. They have studied the statistics in such tournaments and are literally attracting players to come and play that would give the casino enormous profits. On an average a tournament can expect around 300 participants who are generally accompanied by at least one guest that takes up the players per tournament to 450 extra players.

If we suppose that one player loses say $/€/£100 per day that means the total money lost in one day is $135,000 on an average. Add an entry fee of $/€/£200 that takes up the money lost to $/€/£195,000. Generally a casino stands to make somewhere around $/€/£200,000 and the total cost for the prize money and stay would be around $/€/£100,000, so the profit is still $100,000.

When a casino organizes a slot tournament they segregate an area in the casino for the tournament. Here there would be a specific number of machines that would depend on the number of players and each slot is allocated its specific number. The matching of the player to the slot machine is decided by draws with each player secretly hoping his machine to be better than the rest.

Online casino format is different from a live one and every player has to play the same designated slot. Rushmore Casino is famous for having its tournament last throughout the weekend wherein each player could play any number of times for the designated minutes. Players would study their position by keeping an eye on the leaderboard.

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