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Slots Glossary, Slot Games Glossary

Our slots games glossary would help you understand the terms used in slot games better. It is important to know for every gambler.

Slots Glossary

The glossary below would apprise you about the game terms, styles, payouts to better your play.

Blank: This is a blank spot on the slot reel and is in between 2 symbols. Also referred to as the "ghost" this is a commonly seen result of a spin.

Bank: A row of successively placed slot machines. Machines placed in one bank are either having the same game or share a common style in their games.

Bonus Slots Game: When played on video slot this is a winning spin and allows the player the option to play the "bonus slots game" thereby granting them the scope to augment their winning amounts.

Bonus Slots Multipliers: These are slots that propose a bigger jackpot when the player agrees to bet his maximum permissible coins and is also referred to as jackpot slots.

Change Person: This is a casino worker for providing coins to slot players.

Carousel: This is a bank of slot machines in an oval or round formation.

Hold: Difference between the total cash a slot machine accepts and the amount that it must legally pay out.

Hand Pay: A slot attendant giving a cash payment to a player.

Loose Slot: A machine that has greater winning symbols on the reels or one that seems to give out bigger payouts.

Jackpot: The maximum prize that a player can earn from a particular machine.

Pay Table: The table that exhibits the payout per combination and the winning combinations.

Payback Percentage: The % of the total money that a slot takes in and then reimburses back to players.

Payout Percentage: The % of time that a winning spin appears.

Progressive Jackpot: That jackpot which multiplies with each play.

Progressive Meter: Large sign to exhibit the latest progressive jackpot

RNG: This is a computer program that randomly selects the symbols or blanks to appear.

Rhythm Method: This is a technique used by players to time out the spins on each machine.

Short Pay: If a slot machine falls short of funds to pay the payout then the attendant gives the balance payout.

Slot Attendant: Is a casino worker responsible for short pays, jackpot payouts, hand pays and paperwork.

Slot Tournament: The casino hosts free tournaments for its club members to play and win awards and cash.

Slot Cheat: Is a player who exercises unfair means on a slot machine.

Video Slot Machine: A slot machine and video game in one machine.

Wild Symbol: Is a symbol that may substitute for any victorious symbol.

Winning Spin: This is the permutation of symbols on the reels for awarding a payout.

Win Rate: The frequency of payouts in a slot machine and is also referred to as the "hit rate".

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